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Harriet Hook is the eldest daughter of Captain Hook and older sister of Harry & CJ Hook. She was introduced in Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.

She leads a gang of pirates in Dragon Hall.

Background Information


Harriet is described to be sassy and mean-spirited.

Physical Appearance



  • In Descendants: Wicked World, there is a character named CJ Hook, who's also the daughter of Captain Hook. In Descendants 2, Captain Hook also has a son named Harry.
    • It's revealed in Rise of the Isle of the Lost that they are siblings, with Harriet being the eldest, then Harry, and finally, CJ is the youngest.
    • It's unknown if the three children of Hook share the same mother or they come from different mothers.
  • In the prequel book The Isle of the Lost. Harriet seems to have a crush on Anthony Tremaine.

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