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Harriet Hook is the eldest daughter of Captain Hook and older sister of Harry & CJ Hook. She was introduced in Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.

She leads a gang of pirates in Dragon Hall.

Background Information


Harriet is described to be sassy and mean-spirited.

Physical Appearance



Printed Materials

Isle of the Lost

Harriet is a student at Dragon Hall and captain of her own pirate crew. She attended the party at Hell Hall and danced with Anthony Tremaine.

Rise of the Isle of the Lost

Harriet is briefly mentioned as eldest daughter of Captain Hook and older sister to Harry Hook and CJ Hook.


  • In Descendants: Wicked World, there is a character named CJ Hook, who's also the daughter of Captain Hook. In Descendants 2, Captain Hook also has a son named Harry.
    • It's revealed in Rise of the Isle of the Lost that they are siblings, with Harriet being the eldest, then Harry, and finally, CJ is the youngest.
    • It's unknown if the three children of Hook share the same mother or they come from different mothers.
  • In the prequel book The Isle of the Lost. Harriet seems to have a crush on Anthony Tremaine.

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