Gonzo was one of the Villain Kids to join Uma's Pirate Crew. He was first introduced in Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel when Uma was recruiting members to join her crew Lost Revenge.

Background Information


Gonzo is described as fierce.

Physical Appearance

Gonzo possesses long braids, he wears a red bandanna and blue pantaloons.


Printed Materials

Rise of the Isle of the Lost

Gonzo was one of the members of Uma's Pirate Crew. He, along with the rest of the crew, went to the Isle of the Doomed on a search for Ursula's Necklace.


Descendants 2

Although his name is not mentioned, it is assumed that Gonzo did appear in this film as a member of Uma's Pirate Crew.


Printed Materials



  • His identity has been confirmed by Melissa de la Cruz, author of the Isle of the Lost book series. [1]


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