Goblin Wharf is a part of the Isle of the Lost where enterprising Goblins would dock their boats with second hand material from Auradon.  It was at Goblin Wharf that Jay was able to barter passage to the Isle of the Doomed when the four were going to find Maleficent's Staff. It is manned by Goblins who can understand human speech. Many of them wish for amnesty, blaming their imprisonment on the island to their previous servitude with Maleficent; their dwarf cousin Doc understands their plight. Jay swipes party goods from the dock for the party at Hell Hall that Mal forced Carlos to have. Following the coronation, many goblins were put out of work as the barges that brought in supplies were limited by King Ben.

This is likely the only spot where there is a hole in the barrier; Jay and Mal had considered stealing a boat and heading to Auradon because of how they never seem to do enough to make their parents proud.