Gil is a main character and antagonist who is to appear in the upcoming sequel Descendants 2. He is the son of Gaston. Gil is portrayed by Dylan Playfair.



Gil is handsome yet thick-headed and does his best to keep up with Uma and Harry Hook. He is a devoted member of Uma's pirate crew.

Physical Appearance

Gil is a tan-skinned brawny guy with blonde hair tied in a ponytail, his face has black and orange marks. His primary outfit is a orange ripped tank top, a orange sleeveless leather jacket, ripped jeans with brown details and brown boots. His accessories consist of a dark yellow headband, brown and black bands, a bronze bull necklace, a bronze bull belt, golden, black and bronze bracelets, yellow fingerless gloves, golden skull rings and a sheath for his sword.



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Harry Hook

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Descendants 2

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