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Lamp Sweet Lamp Puffed Deliciousness
Jordan Excuse me! Who drops in someone's lamp unannounced?
Mal Sorry, I didn't even know you could drop into someone's lamp.
Jordan You can't be here dressed like that.
Mal Your lamp has a dress code?
Jordan Of course. I don't live in a jar. Ben, I'll spare you. No dude's been able to rock their own pants since, well? dad.
Ben Thanks?
Evie Cute! Except, if it were me, I'd probably add a little more bling here, a little more sparkle over there...
Jordan Erm!
Evie No? That's cool. I'm good.
Mal Chiffon, really?
Freddie You are not getting this back. Wait a minute. Are we in Auradon?
Audrey No matter where we are. I look perfect. Peruse!
Ben So, wait. If we're in a lamp... we must be really tiny right now!
Freddie Nothing gets past King Obvious.
Mal King Obviously Cute.
Ben That is my legal name.
Unknown Character Achoo!
Jordan What was that?
Freddie Uuh... I sneezed. I'm allergic to lamps. It's hereditary.
Ben Yeah, I have allergies too. Get it from my dad.
Freddie I get dolls from my dad.
Ben Aww, that's...
Freddie Voodoo curse dolls.
Ben ...terrifying.
Freddie Yeah. My dad's all about 'the other side.'
Ben Uhh... It's good to have a hobby.
Freddie He's so obsessed with ghosts that he knows all of their death days, but he can never remember my birthday.
Ben My dad loves birthdays. He even made up this funny birthday dance. I wish you could see it.
Freddie Oh, how I wish... I mean, now that I'm here and all, it would be such a hoot, but... I'm sure there's no room for another abominable villain in your beloved Auradon. I'll just have to envision your father's birthday promenade in my dreams. *Sigh.
Ben How would you feel about coming to Auradon Prep?
Audrey Another one?!
Mal Ben, that's really nice of you...
Freddie I'd love to!
Ben We'll have to set you up with a roommate and...
Jordan As much as I enjoy watching a new student register, can we do this later? Like, maybe, not around me? And maybe not in my house? I'm telling you to go.
Mal Okay. How do we get out of here?
Jordan The same way you got in - wish your way out. Wish #3? Bye!
Evie You really wanna waste your last wish on getting out?
Jordan If you stay here any longer, it's all you're going to be wishing for. Thanks for dropping by! Don't let the lid hit you on the way out!
Mal Okay. I wish us all out of here. (Mal, Evie, Ben, Audrey, and Freddie disappear)



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