Evie new look

Quotes of Evie from Descendants, Descendants 2 and two seasons of Descendants: Wicked World.

  • "And lots and lots of mirrors!"
  • "It must be magic."
  • "You had me at prince. My mom's a queen, which makes me a princess."
  • "Evie. Evil queen's daughter."
  • "Mirror, mirror on the... in my hand, where is fairy godmother's wand... stand?"
  • "Any chance he's in line for a throne? Anywhere in line?"
  • "I like to think I'm the fairest of them all."
  • "I forgot to do Chad's homework! Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no."
  • "Let's see, I'm thinking, we lose the bangs, maybe some layers and some highlights."
  • "I know. I know. It looks like a mop on your head."
  • "I found out that Fairy Godmother blesses Ben with the wand at coronation and we all get to go."
  • "For the first time, It's like I'm more than just a pretty face."
  • "I bet I can get an "A" on the next test without the mirror."
  • "I can fix that with some gloss and some blush."
  • "Please. My mom taught me how to apply blush before I could talk. Always use upward strokes."
  • "My mother's not a barrel of laughs when she doesn't get her way. Just ask Snow White."
  • "M? You want to break Ben's love spell?"
  • "I choose good."
  • "Magic mirror, show your bright light!"

  • "I have an opening for a fitting at three! Who wants it?"
  • "Look who's on TV!"
  • "Okay, so I'll see you later."
  • "Mal's gone back to the Isle."
  • "This isn't a parade. It's the Isle."
  • "And never, ever smile."

Evie's Explosion of Taste

  • "You have to help me."
  • "This!"
  • "I volunteered to make cupcakes for the carnival, because I heard that last year everyone loved Audrey's. They were like an explosion of deliciousness. And I thought 'I can do that, and everyone will love me, and tell me how fab-mazing I am.' But none of that's going to happen, because I can't make cupcakes! I mean it's not like I made cupcakes on The Isle of the Lost. The evil minion bakers did. Remember the awesome ones we had at my birthday parties?"
  • "That's because that was mean thing to do and on The Isle of the Lost being mean was being nice."
  • "They say baking is a form of chemistry, so I decided to combine all of the periodic elements. I probably should have left out the sulfur. You have to help me! Use your magic."
  • "Magic for a good cause is automatically good."
  • "Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please..."
  • "Yep! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please."
  • "I've always wondered what ununseptium tasted like."
  • "Ewww!"
  • "What happened?"

Careful What You Wish For

  • "Everyone is talking about my cupcake disaster! Look at this post! 'Pastry chef? More like pastry death!' I don't think that's a compliment here."
  • "Hold up! She's my BFF. She's helping me first."
  • "I think you mean when she's done with me."
  • "Can we focus on what's important? Me."

Voodoo? You Do

  • "I have forgotten how bad the city's drainage system is. These seriously need better catch-basins."
  • "I'm taking Sustainable Urban Planning this semester."
  • "We should find a place to hide."
  • "Liking mud is not a VK thing. It's a Mal thing."
  • "It's so beautiful. Don't get jealy."
  • "Oh, no."

Lamp Sweet Lamp

  • "She's joking. ...I think."
  • "We really need to teach them how to smack-talk."
  • "Your momma's so week, old ladies help her across the street!"
  • "Your momma's so soft, the only spells she casts are crying spells."
  • "Oh, snap!"
  • "Oh, yeah. We have got to get them out of here before anyone else shows up."

Genie Chic

  • "Cute! Except, if it were me, I'd probably add a little more bling here, a little more sparkle over there..."
  • "No? That's cool. I'm good."
  • "You really wanna waste your last wish on getting out?"

Puffed Deliciousness

  • "Smiling's super important in Auradon. Let's see what you've got. Try less teeth. Better. But your eyes still look... villainy. Try smeyesing."
  • "I know! It's weird, right? I mean, why put it out if you don't want it stolen?"
  • "Oh, no! We were the picture of elegance."

Good Is the New Bad

  • "Ally. Alice in Wonderland's daughter. Girl's gotta know her competition. Or, in this case, her nopetition. Get it? Because she's not competition?"
  • "Whisis? Hey, Ally. You okay?"

Spirit Day

  • "What happened to: 'Sure, best friends. Anything for you.'"
  • "Forget about the pompoms and focus on the super awesome outfit we made."
  • "Is it just me..."
  • "Bite, bite, bite!"

I'm Your Girl

  • "You're saying 'wicked!' I like that."
  • "What's up?"
  • "Great fashion is cutting edge."
  • "So, what's more cutting edge than creating chemical compounds?"
  • "No! Well, not anymore."
  • "Trust us. With this stuff you'll bring the house down. Or burn it down. Just stay away from liquid nitrogen."
  • "No. But we like living on the edge"

Mash It Up

  • "What about a "who's the fairest" party? It'll be a competition. The winner will get everything and the loser will get nothing."
  • "Thanks!"

All Hail the New Q.N.L.B.

  • "Alrighty! Who's ready for party makeovers?
  • "That's the attitude! I concocted an amazing beauty mineral face. Who wants a facial? P.S. I made that up."
  • "Oh, Freddie? Did you check to ask who did win?"
  • It was me. I won. I'm the Q.N.L.B.! Oh no... Did you just ask where I'm going to put the crown? I don't know where. I'm running out of room for all my crowns!"
  • "Well then, you better keep brushing because I am on fire! Carbon dioxide, water vapour, oxygen and nitrogen; ignite it up and here! OK Freddie, for your makeover, I'm thinking a little less voodoo and a little more new-do."
  • "No problems. Audrey, for your makeover, I'm thinking about some apple-red lipstick and some wicked Cheshire cat eyes."
  • "Oh, I forgot to bring that one. Sorry! Mal, for your makeover, I want to see what you look like in purple.
  • "Oh, that's not purple, that's aubergine...
  • "That sounds like something I would do... but I didn't! Besides, I couldn't have; I was too busy winning my crown! Did you guys know I won a crown? 'Cause I did! I won the crown!"
  • "Ya, this is Auradon! It's not like there is some thief in a cloaked glove running around stealing things..."

Mad for Tea

  • "It's okay. Everyone just calm down. This is why I always bring a back-up gown. And back-up accessories."
  • "And back-up de-accessories!"
  • "Wow, how did you change so fast? Seriously, one second you're wearing one dress and then you're wearing the other. It was like... out of a cartoon."
  • "Oh, I've been called worse."
  • "She has a point."
  • "She means it's very fashion-forward. If I didn't think I was already wearing the best dress, I'd be super-jelie. But I do, so I'm not."
  • "Quit while you're ahead."

Carpet Jacked

  • "I'm sure they're just around the corner. I just hope that corner isn't on the other side of Auradon."
  • "No, because I packed hair helmets for everyone. I designed them myself!"
  • "What did you say about me?"
  • "What about Lonnie? Can't she pick us up?"
  • "That won't do. I get car-sick on flying pumpkins."
  • "Sweet ride!"
  • "I know. And we've been working so hard to get people on our side!"

The Night is Young

  • "Oh, the jewels on the crown totally match my eyes! I look so good! I don't even need a filter!"
  • "I know. I really am."
  • "Dance for me. I've got a date with some bling. Oh, crownie, I love you!"

Neon Lights Out

  • "You're not in the mascot uniform!"
  • "Why would you even ask that?"
  • "CJ's captain Hook's daughter."

Slumber Party

  • "And even better question would you rather stand around and talk, or get this slumber party started?!"
  • "Yeah, I'm gonna sleep for a month. Or, maybe, until the next party."

Odd Mal Out

  • "Wow! Awkward."
  • "Releasing?"
  • "Huh?"
  • "Seriously?"
  • "Well, okay. Then I'm going with."
  • "Oh! But it's okay for you?"

Wild Rehearsal

  • "Mal! You okay?"
  • "'Cause you didn't find your jewel?"
  • "You wanna talk about it?"
  • "I'll just give you some space then. I'll be right here, giving you space!"
  • "Okay, that's a weird move."
  • "Audrey, why would Mal do that to you?"
  • "Okay, Mal. Thought that was funny, but you do not wanna get between Audrey and her big show. As your BFF, I have to advise you to chill."

Chemical Reaction

  • "Let's just say it won't be on the final exam. Jane, can you get me the emulsifier?"
  • "Uh, check the drawers, maybe?"
  • "That's not supposed to happen."
  • "Oh, but those outfits That's the new style. You look totally hot and hot is the new cool."
  • "We totally look fab. Now, back to the experiment."
  • "Mal, what's going on with you? Something is wrong. And it's only getting worse."

Talking Heads

  • "Audrey, we, VKs, may be a lot of things, but we're not fakers."
  • "You're wrong. Mal is our friend."
  • "Okay, okay. Things got a little heated. We all said things that didn't make any sense. But I'm sure if we ask nicely, Mal will take all back. Right, Mal?"
  • "Gross!"
  • "This isn't Mal. Why is she acting like this?"

Steal Away

  • "M, what were you doing at the museum?"
  • "Mal, it's me. I just wanna help."
  • "Your jewel! Where did you get this?"
  • "You were being rotten to the core."
  • "It is the jewel. Maleficent must have cursed it years ago."
  • "Well-"
  • "Of course I'm mad at you. You're my best friend and you don't treat best friends like that."
  • "But I also knew it wasn't you. All along. I knew."

Evil Among Us

  • "Why, thank you, Your Majesty. Yes, I do like happily ever-afters."
  • "You look amaze'! I told you!"
  • "Come on! I'm sure if we told them about the whole evil spell on your hidden jewel thing, they'd totally let you go."
  • "Well, if you're not going, then I'm not going. I'd rather be here with you."
  • "You wanna try on my tiara?"


  • "The Jewelbilee! Mhmmm. OMG! Something's really wrong. I'm freaking out here."
  • "He's here?"
  • "Right. Mirror, mirror in my hand, where is Zevon in our land? There he is! On the tourney field!"
  • "Mal-"
  • "There's no way you would've known. Look, Mal didn't do this. Zevon did. He turned us against each other, he divided us."
  • "I think we may be too late."

Face to Face

  • "You two had a thing?"
  • "Seriously?"
  • "You're bluffing, right?"

United We Stand

  • "There's too many of them!"
  • "I got you, fam."
  • "Reflect on this!"
  • "Mal! That's friend you're messing with!"
  • "Later, Zevon, don't get lost on the way to the Isle! See what I did there?"
  • "The Jewel-bilee?"


  • "It totally matches my dress."