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N/A Mal's Digi-Image Problem
Auradon is celebrating the Heroes and Heroines Festival and comes Evie with a tray in her hand going into a tent
Evie You have to help me.
Mal What's the emergency?
Mal painting and turns around and sees Evie with a tray of cupcakes
Evie This! (Shows Mal the cupcakes)
Mal! Cupcakes?
Evie I volunteered to make cupcakes for the carnival, because I heard that last year everyone loved Audrey's. They were like an explosion of deliciousness. And I thought 'I can do that, and everyone will love me, and tell me how fab-mazing I am.' But none of that's going to happen, because I can't make cupcakes! I mean it's not like I made cupcakes on The Isle of the Lost. The evil minion bakers did. Remember the awesome ones we had at my birthday parties?
Mal I wasn't invited.
Evie That's because that was mean thing to do and on The Isle of the Lost being mean was being nice.
Mal Uh-uh. What exactly did you fill these with?
Evie The say baking is a form of chemistry, so I decided to combine all of the periodic elements. I probably should have left out the sulfur. You have to help me! Use your magic.
Mal No way. I'm trying to be good, remember?
Evie Magic for a good cause is automatically good.
Mal (Giggles a little) I don't think it really works that way.
Evie (Gets down on her knees) Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please...
Mal You're not gonna stop until I help you? Are you?
Evie Yep! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.
Mal Ok, ok fine! I'll do it. But just this once. (Looks into her spell book) Oh, magic spell book...
Evie I've always wondered what ununseptium tasted like.
Mal Make no haste, and turn Evie's cupcakes...
Evie (Took a bite from the cupcake) Ewww! (Throws it)
Mal into an explosion of...
The cupcake exploded
Evie What happened?
Mal You didn't let me finish the spell! Instead of an explosion of taste, we made an explosion of... (Audrey appears) cupcakes.
Digi-Image Evie and Mal: Sweet friends or sweet fiends??