Disney Descendants Head Hints Game is a game released by Hasbro in 2015.


Players choose from their favorite Disney Descendants character cards and work together to help prevent Maleficent from destroying Ben's coronation. In this game of clues, guesses, and silly stunts, players put on their crowns and help each other guess which mystery character they are. Players draw spell cards for instructions how to give the clue -- it might be singing, dancing, or doing a silly stunt. All players work together to guess twelve characters' cards before four Maleficent cards are turned over from the Spell deck. For three-four players. Includes four crowns (four bands and four attachments), twenty Mystery cards, thirty Spell cards, and instructions with play mat.


  • Everyone wears a crown
  • Work together as a team to guess characters
  • Head Hints game challenges you to guess mystery characters
  • If you guess 12 characters before 4 Maleficent cards appear, everyone wins
  • Includes 4 crowns (4 bands and 4 attachments), 20 Mystery cards, 30 Spell cards, and instructions with play mat.