This article is about the Descendants book series. For the web series, see School of Secrets.

Disney Descendants School of Secrets is a series of chapter books based on the Disney Channel movie Descendants, and serves as a continuation series from the film. It was released in summer 2016.


The School of Secrets series of chapter books continues the story of Mal and her friends, plus new Villain kids and Auradon kids introduced in the popular Wicked World short form videos. Enjoy these all-new tales of mystery, magic and adventure from the world of the hit movie Descendants!


# Cover Title Release Date Description
School of Secrets - CJ's Treasure Chase
CJ's Treasure Chase August 30, 2016 CJ is the daughter of Captain James Hook.

She's fierce. She's swashbuckling. And she has big finding the treasure she's known about since she was a little girl stranded on the Isle of the Lost.

When CJ sneaks out of Auradon Prep with her best friend, Freddie, they go on a wild chase to find it.

This book starts immediately after the events of Voodoo? You Do and continues through Hooked On Ben, and then a few days afterwards.

School of Secrets Freddie's Shadow Cards
Freddie's Shadow Cards November 1, 2016 Freddie is the daughter of the infamous witch doctor, Dr. Facilier.

She's got voodoo in her blood, a deck of Shadow Cards in her hands, and a song in her villain-kid heart. When Freddie's dreams of joining the Acapella group at Auradon Prep fall apart, she uses her Shadow Cards to get her way...

But dark magic always comes with a price.

This book is stated to start a "a few weeks" after the last one.

Ally's Mad Mystery February 28, 2017 Ally is the daughter of Alice in Wonderland.

She's quirky, she's funny, and she loves solving a tricky mystery.

When strange things start happening at Auradon Prep that threaten the school's big spirit weekend, Ally is determined to find who's behind the madness.

Will she be able to figure it out in time, or will the clock run out on her?

SchoolOfSecrets - Lonnie's Warrior Sword Cover
Lonnie's Warrior Sword August 15, 2017