Desiree was one of the Villain Kids who Uma recruited for her pirate crew, the Lost Revenge. She appeared in Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Background Information


Desiree is described to be vicious.

Physical Appearance

Desiree is described as tiny and she wears a ragged peasant dress.


Printed Materials

Rise of the Isle of the Lost

Desiree one of the Uma's Pirate Crew members. She, along with the crew, went on a journey to the Isle of the Doomed to search for the pieces of Ursula's Necklace.


Descendants 2

Although her name was not mentioned, it is assumed that she appeared as one the members of Uma's Pirate Crew.


Printed Materials



  • Her identity has been confirmed by Melissa de la Cruz, author of the Isle of the Lost book series. [1]


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