Descendants 3 is a possible upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie. At the end of the second movie, Uma , dizzy and harry gave a hint that Descendants 3 is coming.

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  • What I want in Descendants 3

    3 messages
    • What I want in Descendants 3 is more of Jay. He was my favorite character in the first book and first movie, but he was pretty much regulated...
    • That is true Jay had no scenes, but basically they might make more of a scene on the VKs plus the AKs since I just hope like maybe something co...
  • What could be in Descendants 3

    3 messages
    • I can see that happening, with a twist from what Chad said, time would rewind and have to do the whole thing all over again.
    • or maybe he might say something a wish like it came true or something that he might say I wish all of you never existed or something I learn t...

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