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Help Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos run through the streets of the Isle of the Lost performing cool flips and slides.
―The game's instructions

Descendants: Isle of the Lost Rush is an online game on the Disney Channel website, based on the characters from the Disney Channel original movie Descendants.


It features four playable characters: Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos.


Mal is the first character and has no special abilities. Her sprite's silhouette is the one on the warning signs and on the Flip Speed, Grind Speed, and Smash Multiplier power-ups.


Jay is the second character, unlocked at level four. When grinding, if there are any nearby coins, Jay can pick them up.


Evie is the third character, unlocked at level seven. Instead of front flips, she does backflips, which earn 200 points per, as opposed to the standard 100. Her double flips are worth 1000, as opposed to the standard 500. Simply put, her flips are worth double.


Carlos is the fourth and final character, unlocked at level ten.


Level First Requirement Second Requirement Third Requirement
1 Crash Run 100m in one run Collect 100 coins in one run
2 Smash 2 crates or barrels in one run Grind 10m in one run Do a flip
3 Run a total of 500m Collect 300 coins in one run Get a x2 Combo
4 Run 300m in one run Smash 20 crates or barrels Get a single trick score of 200
5 Grind 50m Flip 2 times in one run Get a trick score of 2000
6 Run 500m in one run Smash 30 crates or barrels Get a x5 Combo
7 Grind 100m Smash 10 crates or barrels in one run Collect 750 coins in one run
8 Run a total of 2000m Flip 5 times in one run Get a trick score of 4000
9 Collect 3000 coins Run 1000m in one run Do a Double flip
10 Grind 100m in one run Collect 1500 coins in one run Get a single trick score of 4000


Title Benefit Level 1 Price Level 2 Price Level 3 Price Level 4 Price
Coin Magnet Increases the duration of the Coin Magnet 0 500 1000 5000
Flip Speed Increases the speed the player rotates when performing a flip 0 300 1000 5000
Grind Speed Gives you a score bonus when you're grinding 0 300 1000 3000
Smash Multiplier Increases your multiplier when you smash an obstacle 0 300 750 1500

When a power-up is purchased, a gold border appears around the selection and the grey check-mark becomes a stamp-like image of a golden check.


  • Descendants: Isle of the Lost Rush is the first game released on the Disney website relating to Descendants. It is also the first one of the total games that features a cartoon thumbnail.
  • Posters can be seen throughout the maps, including portraits of King Beast, as well as each of the characters' symbols.
  • While the Australian version is identical in every way, including in the use of cookies, the description proposes a much different scenario. In the US version, the four are running through the streets and performing stunts, while in the AU version, the four are escaping Maleficent's minions.


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