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Clopin is one of the gypsies of Auradon and was also the leader of The Court of Miracles.

Before Auradon

Clopin is seen telling the kids about the mysterious bell ringer who lives in the bell tower and says,"Who is this creature(Who),what is it(What),how did it came up to be there(How)", and tells them the story of a man and a monster(The Bells of Notre Dame) and reveals that when Frollo adopted the deformed baby,he later called him Quasimodo.He is later seen during The Feast of Fools and introduces the crowd Esmeralda and chooses Quasimodo as the new king of fools(Feast of Fools).He then appears along with the other gypsies capturing Phoebus and Quasimodo since Phoebus was captain of the guards and Quasimodo was supposedly Frollo's bell ringing henchmen and later tried to hang them but was later stopped by Esmerelda who reveals to them that they were friends with her(Court of Miracles).After Frollo and his guards comes to capture the gypsies from The Court of Miracles,Clopin is seen to be one of the gypsies captured.After Phoebus and the villagers releases the gypsies for the battle,Clopin and the gypsies later join the fight and defeats Frollo's guards.He then appears when he yells,"Thee Cheers for Quasimodo",and later tells a child,"What makes a monster and what makes a man while holding a Frollo puppet(Bells of Notre Dame reprise).

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