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Chernabog is one of the most powerful villains in the land and lives on Bald Mountain.

He does not appear in Descendants canon, though Bald Mountain appears in the Auradon map.


One night, Chernabog releases an army of the undead and summons a ghost army. He then changes their shapes and formed and later releases a powerful fire of the mountain since he has now the powers from Hell. While Chernabog was going for a final attack, he then hears church bells which defeats him and strikes him. When the army is finally gone, Chernabog then rested with his wings covering him and the top of Bald Mountain.


  • He is the second Giant Monster, the first being Monstro.
  • He is the fourth character that doesn't talk in their debut, the first being Dopey, the second Gideon, the third Yen Sid, the fifth Dumbo and the sixth Tinker Bell.
  • He is afraid of the dark

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