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"Chevie" is the pairing name for Chad and Evie. Evie is the daughter of the Evil Queen and Chad is the son of Cinderella.

Chad was just using Evie so she would do his homework and then ratted her out about the magic mirror in class. Evie liked Chad but Chad had no real feelings for Evie.


Evie was attracted to him the moment she saw him due to his looks and status as a prince and tried to impress him by acting vain. She told him of her mirror which helped her on the tests and also compared herself to his mother in that she was good at sewing and cleaning. She also tried flirting information of the wand out of him but Chad, wanting to use her for her intelligence, made her do his homework. He later left her for Audrey breaking her heat. When the two interact at Family Day, he began harassing her and she calls him the biggest jerk in the land. He pushes her, causing Jay to defend her. He later calls her a cheater as she moved on and began liking Doug. While the two have not interacted since it is obvious the two have no (more) feelings for each other.


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