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Audrey's New Do? New Don't! Voodoo? You Do
In Mal's tent
Audrey (Enters the tent) This selfie is ruining my life!
Mal Hi, can I help you? (Turns around)
Mal (Shocked) I mean... that looks great!
Audrey If by 'great' you mean 'awful' then yes, it's great. (A comment pops up) Fantastic! Another comment.
Jane I'm so sorry. I didn't even know I could do magic! I can do magic!
Audrey Yup.
Jane I can do magic.
Mal You can do magic?
Audrey We've been over this.
Jane I gotta go lie down. (Exits the tent)
Evie (Enters the tent) Everyone is talking about my cupcake disaster! Look at this post! 'Pastry chef? More like pastry death!' I don't think that's a compliment here.
Mal (Jay enters the tent) Does anyone know how to knock?
Jay (Gives the lamp to Mal) You're in a tent! Hold on to this for me. It's very important. Nice hair.
Audrey Really?
Jay Nope, but I'm trying to learn how to be nice. (Exits the tent)
Audrey You have to fix my hair!
Evie Hold up! She's my BFF. She's helping me first.
Jordan (Enters the tent) Hey! You stole my lamp!
Mal What? No!
Jordan Thief!
Audrey Cool it, Jordan. Mal will help you when she's done with me.
Evie I think you mean when she's done with me.
Jordan Did you get paint on my lamp?!
Mal No biggy. I'll just wipe it off. (Rubs the lamp to wipe it clean)
Audrey Hello! My hair?
Evie Can we focus on what's important? Me.
Jordan! You're ruining my lamp! (Takes her lamp back) Gimme! (Exits the tent)
Mal! Stuff like this never happened on the Isle of the Lost. I wish we could all just go back home. (Ben enters and the group disappeared)
Carlos (Enters the tent with no one in it) Hey, guys! Jay got me a new phone! Where did everyone go? Oh, well. (Takes a selfie)
Digi-image Flying solo, oh well yolo.



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