The relationships of CJ Hook throughout the Descendants franchise.

Captain Hook

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Harriet Hook

(Older Sister)
Harriet Hook is CJ's older sister.

Harry Hook

(Older Brother)
Harry Hook is CJ's older brother. It is presumed that they have a distant relationship as CJ is always off having adventures of her own.



CJ and Zevon Working together

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It is implied that Mal and CJ knew each other before coming to Auradon. Mal dislikes CJ for holding her boyfriend Ben captive. When it was revealed that CJ was behind all the bad things happening in Auradon, she also revealed that she framed Mal for stealing Jane's mascot costume.


The two had little interaction but CJ thinks Evie went soft and Evie does not like the fact CJ framed Mal and the VKs for everything she had done.

Carlos De Vil

Carlos was annoyed to find out she carpet jacked him and Jay and framed Mal for all the bad stuff she did.



CJ flirting with Jay

Jay was at first impressed to find out CJ carpet jacked him and Carlos and tried flirting with her, though she wasn't amused since he was interrupting her soliloquy. He was upset upon learning she framed Mal for all the bad stuff she did.

Freddie Facilier


Freddie and CJ former partners in crime

Freddie was her former partner-in-crime who helped CJ Hook go to Auradon and do garden-variety villain acts, but when it became clear to Freddie that CJ treated her as her minion instead of an equal, Freddie decided to break off their partnership.


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