• RucasAusllyNaleyJelena

    Hey, I was wondering how you managed to put a picture on the community page. I have a few wikis that I would like to do that to.

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  • Francesca14601

    Need help? Lack of ideas? You're just in the right place!

    It's such an incredible phenomenon how most of the brilliant minds of literature fanfiction come up with this same amazing type of character. They are so diverse, yet so similar that is mind-blowing when you think that they aren't created by one same author! Insane, right?


    Insane, indeed...

    If you amateurs in real literature fanfics haven't heard of these method, then have you been living under a rock? Pfft... Answer must be yes. But no worries, dear friends, because here I am to teach you how to build an incredible character that will guarantee a well-written story! Ready? Let's go!

    Oh, you know, just give your character the most exotic name on Earth that is definitely a genius de…

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  • ExplodingKittens

    I'm new!!

    February 28, 2018 by ExplodingKittens

    Hey everybody! My name is Daisy and I'm new to DescendantsWiki! If I post anything cringey, please don't hate! I'm totally cool (not)! I dance hip hop and like writing stories. My fave shows are Descendants, Lizzie McGuire (don't hate plz) and Every Witch Way. I will post secrets about the Descendants cast soon. 

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  • EvilTree-GoodApple

    I've recently re-read (part) of Return to the Isle of the Lost so I could refresh my memory in order to read Rise of the Isle of the Lost and I was curious if any of yall have re-read the series, or if you were more 'one-and-done' about it.

    I usually don't read books again after the first time (I remember the writing/paragraphs too much for it to be interesting) but I liked the Descendants series so much I wanted to read the last few chapters again so I wouldn't forget any details. :)

    I definitely did not make this post so I could earn a super cool badge. So, how many times have you read the Descendants series? Once? Thrice? Zero times? Tell!

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  • SailorSedna052

    Worst Cliches

    January 7, 2018 by SailorSedna052

    I found 15 Biggest Movie Clichés Disney Won’t Stop Using on screen rant and I wonder what's yours. Here's theirs.

    • 14. DEAD PARENTS
    • 13. THE “I WANT” SONG

    Are we finding any of thei…

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  • SailorSedna052

    Is You a Good Witch?

    Name: Tina & Todrick

    Age: 16 twins

    Parent: mother-Wicked Witch of the West (Theodora), father-unknown

    Story: Their mother is Theodora, the wicked witch of the west. They have no idea who their father is and frankly they don’t give a care. The 2 grew up together clothes and they would say ‘we were born holding hands and we’ll die holding hands’. Tina noticed that her brother Todrick was different when the 2 were just kids and he would wear his mother’s pumps. It wasn’t until he was 13 he finally came out and started to save money to have female breast but still keep his other part. Luckily his sister and his mother were very supportive of Todrick. There are some that would bully Todrick for dressing up in drag but Tina’s bi…

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  • PrincessBatman

    Sorry, but it should be done.

    DW Staff Team. Beware!


    They say I'm moaning

    They say I'm Mal

    They say I'm girly

    And I have jet


    A chibi pervert

    Nerd to the bone

    Obsessed with hacking

    Can't take me home


    So I've got some absinthe

    In my blood

    Can you blame me?

    I never got no sleep


    They think I'm hopeless

    A rainbow poop.

    Ain't it hilarious?

    Beware my puns!


    In your message on the wall

    One quote chain will bind them all!

    Just for fun they'll ban you all, ban you all!

    We're plotting on discord

    Plotting on discord

    We're plotting on discord

    How we'll ban you all.

    We're nothing like the staff teams, like staff teams next door

    We'll ban you to the (core), Ban you to the (core)

    We'll ban you to the core.


    Call me Konata

    Call me a fake

    I'm this…

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  • Seddiefan1018

    Happy new year

    December 31, 2017 by Seddiefan1018

    Happy new year everyone and let's hope we get a third descendants movie this year

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  • Seddiefan1018

    Favourite song

    December 31, 2017 by Seddiefan1018

    Ok so we now have both movies out and I would like to know what is everybody's favourite song from both movies or it could just be from one movie

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  • SailorSedna052

    Earlier today I saw Nostogic Critic's December review of the first Descendants movie and he wasn't pleased. Granted he didn't HATED the movie but it made me think if I was too old for these find of movies. Let me explain: I'm 26 years old, turning 27 in 3 months, and I still have the mind that I'm still in high school. It was probably because I spend most of time time studing and reading anime. I never went to parties, hang out with friends or even brought them to my home to hang out. Hell my parents refused to teach me how to drive forcing the school to change part of their program so I can get a learner's permit. Now I bet you guys are gonna write down 'why your older now, they not do it yourself?' and my responce is I 100% agree with yo…

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  • Seddiefan1018

    New here

    December 27, 2017 by Seddiefan1018

    Hi everyone I was super excited when I found out there was a descendants wiki and I'm excited to start editing, just let people know I have read the rules and polices but was there anything else to know about this site. Thanks

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  • Dereviewer

    Hey guys, I'm Dereviewer, and I just recently watched Descendants 2. It was epic! My favorite thing about it was the new characters: Harry, son of Hook, Gil, son of Gaston, and Uma, daughter of Ursula! If you guys remember, at the very end of the movie, Uma turned into a giant octopus just like her mother Ursula, and Mal turned into a dragon like her mother Maleficent, and they had an epic battle. And then, Ben jumped into the water and told Uma that the fighting had to stop, and that she could help him make a difference and do what was best for the Isle. But all she did was return Ben's ring to him and disappear into the water. But after the end credits, she reappeared, looked towards the audience and said "You didn't think this was the e…

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  • Francesca14601

    A little bit too late to submit? Nah, not late yet. I've had the idea for this story for a long time, but now, I finally had a chance to write it. It contains (a bit of) controversial themes, but I promise, it won't get too mature. The story isn't completed yet, but I've decided to leave it like this. If you like it, I will post a second part. You can also share your predictions in the comments. Who do you think that it's guilty?

    "King Benjamin, at age 20, has been found dead in the woods, with a sword in his chest..."

    The tragic news soon spread through the kingdom of Auradon. It was indeed a sad day. King Benjamin was truly a good King. May his soul rest in peace...

    Mal wore a simple black dress and stepped inside the limousine. She was on …

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  • Belllastar

    Fanart submission

    November 6, 2017 by Belllastar

    "A new Tradition"

    This is my fanart submission. It's the VK's first halloween (and holiday) in Auradon, and while there's not as many tricks, they don't mind all the extra treats! Evie made each of their costumes, and they didn't get to see them until the gang met up to get ready for the party. At the end of the night, they were the last kids to leave, and the group took a photo together to forever remember this night. 

    In my piece, each character is wearing the costume that I felt would represent them best. Mal and Jay are both wearing costumes associated more with fear. This is because they both struggled with extremal problems, when they first came to Auradon, such as aggressiveness and vandalism. Similarly, Evie and Carlos are wearing "…

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  • SailorSedna052

    After the events of the Cotillion, Wilda was in Fairy Godmother’s office. Godmother was pacing back and forth while Wilda was sitting in a chair. “Of all the stunts you pulled, re-animating the Kraken was the last straw.”

    Wilda asked, “What was I supposed to do? Let Uma attack the ship? I wasn’t going to let it hurt Ben or Mal.”

    Godmother said, “It doesn’t matter. The first spell that turned Maleficent into a lizard okay since it was all on your own, but you had to do a spell from your mother’s book.”

    Wilda crossed her arms. “It was safe.”

    Godmother got into her face. “It was not! Thanks to that spell, the devil has his grasp on you, your sister Freddie, and your Aunts Mary and Sarah again.” Wilda paled. She forgotten when they were brought b…

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    This is my entry for the Descendants Wiki Halloween Festival. Warning: It may not be good, as this is my first time writing a Descendants poem. Hope U like it!

    This is a poem dedicated 2 some of the Descendants character.

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  • JadeSky2468

    This is my entry for the Descendants Wiki Halloween Festival. Warning: It may not be good, as this is my first time writing Descendants fanfiction. But enjoy anyways!


    All In is a fan-made song written by JadeSky2468. It is written to be sung by the whole Descendants cast at the end of one of the Descendants movies. The tune is supposed to sound modernized and energetic, like you could jump up and dance on the spot. The lyrics show how everything has taken a turn for the better since the VKs have come to Auradon.

    Crowd: Everybody sing

    Everybody shout

    'Cause it's our chapter now and we're gonna live it out!

    It's okay

    To break tradition

    We don't have to worry

    About affliction...

    Audrey and her friends: Good is bad and bad is good

    Jane: Everything is c…

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  • Allie37
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  • Allie37

    Evie's Heart 4 Love

    October 26, 2017 by Allie37
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  • SailorSedna052

    Need a subtle vote.

    October 21, 2017 by SailorSedna052

    I'm planning on writing a Descendant fanfic where King Beast and Queen Belle has a daughter but is born a beast. Now what I'm planning to do is for the 2 to dump their daughter to the isle for their own reason and I want your opinion on if I should do this or not. Personally I want to but I want your guys opinion if I need to make any fixes. Here's my OC info: 

    Name: Alyssandra aka Sandy

    Age: 16

    Symbol: Wilting Rose

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Family: Beast (Father), Belle (Mother), Ben (Twin-brother), Jay (Adopted brother), Jafar (Adopted Father)

    Appearance: She is a beast much like her father (2017 or 1991 version. Whichever’s your fancy if you don’t like the links). She wears rock and roll clothes, mostly red and black, and wears pearls …

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  • Francesca14601

    Fun fact: It is 2 a.m. when I wrote this. I suddenly came up with this idea and hope you guys enjoy (and understand) my crazy theory here.

    Ok... First, check the newest facts that I've added to the page Auradon.

    Some of the facts caught your attention? Here I give you a theory that I made related to the possible location of Auradon if it were a real place in our Earth. Ready? Let's go!

    To recall a few points from the Trivia section of the page Auradon:

    • The possible name meaning is "Golden Hill" or "Hill of Light"
    • The governmental system is a (sort of) elective monarchy, similar to the Kingdom of Visigoths.

    You don't know about the Visigoths? Well, here's a quick history for you:

    The Visigoths were a group Germanic people that helped the Romans fi…

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  • Francesca14601

    Blame Mal Bertha. And blame me. Mostly me. Anyways... TACOS!

    The limousine was ready to take the four young villains to Auradon. They hopped in the vehicle, one by one. Mal was the last one, she looked at her mother one last time before parting.

    "The future of the free world rests on your shoulders. Don't blow it." Her mother's voice repeated inside her head.

    Mal sighed. She stepped in the limousine and closed the door. Goodbye, Isle of the Lost. For now...

    "Please don't leave me," Harry begged, his hands stopped Mal from walking away.

    But she didn't answer. His hands felt like they were melting, and his presence was fading away. Mal turned and looked around, but she was searching for something that wasn't there. She asked for the one who spoke…

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  • Mockingjayfan0427


    September 21, 2017 by Mockingjayfan0427

    This is my first blog ever YAY!! 

    Tacos are the best food ever made in the world 🌮🌮

    If you don't know what tacos are then why are you here??!! 

    Just look at this amazing work of art:

    Tacos ARE LIFE 🌮🌮🌮

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  • Evan Son of Evil Queen

    Hi i am making a blog about my descendants caracter!!!!!!!

    name: Evan

    age: 17

    mom: Evil Queen



    wt: 142 pounds

    eye color- hazel, blue- when using magic

    hair-color- blue

    relationship: dating Mal


    Evan, is extremely smart, charming,sneaky,cunning, extremely athletic and, a master thief and liar unlike the other 4 vk's evan most likely the nastiest and evilest out the gang besides mal. like mal he can also use magic and loves to casts spell(despite the fact he cant since the dome cancels out magic) and likes art. Evan is very flirty towards the pretty girls and can make every girl fall for him with just one stare or smile, evan can be  very loyal to the gang,  a lot of the other vk's on the isle and some of the villans them…

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  • MalDaBoss1

    DA BlogPost

    September 19, 2017 by MalDaBoss1

    So i am writing this blog for a badge and to congradulate this website for exsisting. I mean a wholw website about Descendants? Wow. I want to thank the creators who made this website (except for the blocks). Please keep updating this because this is fantasic!!! :D Thanks

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    Here is my dream cast for more heroes' children and villain children.

    • Jason Dolley as Malice, son of Maleficent and Mal's twin brother.
    • Dejan Loyola as Prince Aziz, son of Aladdin and Jasmine.
    • Trevor Jackson as Prince Tyler, son of Tiana and Naveen.
    • Bella Thorne as Princess Aria, daughter of Ariel and Eric.
    • Caroline Sunshine as Princess Ruby, daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene.
    • Laura Marano as Princess Willow, daughter of Snow White and Florian.
    • Maia Mitchell as Scarlett, daughter of Scar.
    • Dylan O'Brien as Hadie, son of Hades.
    • Zendaya as Freddie, daughter of Dr. Facilier.
    • Austin North as Quinn, son of Queen of Hearts.
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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    Here is my idea for Descendants 4. (A fan can always dream right?)

    Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos go to a summer vacation alongside their significant others. They have also invited Uma, Harry, Audrey, Tyler, and Chad with his girlfriend Aria who is Ariel and Eric's daughter.. When they are hiking at the woods, Mal and Uma feel a great source of dark magic, near them. They later realize that they are on bald Mountain and Chernabog's daughter Charlene, has awaken.

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    Here is my idea for Descendants 3.

    A year after the events of the sequel, Mal and ben have graduated from high school and are ready to go to college. Though, tings turn upside down when Maleficent escapes from her prison, once she finds out a way to turn back to human. Mal must find a way to stop her and travels to the Isle to recruit some VKs that will need in order to defeat Maleficent. Uma appears and offers her help, which Mal accepts. Mal takes Uma, Harry, Gil, Freddie, daughter of Dr. Facilier, Scarlett, daughter of Scar and Hayden, son of Hades off the Isle. With Ben, Lonnie, Jane, Doug and Audrey, they travel to Forbidden Mountain and fights with her mother again. Meanwhile, Audrey tries to find her true love and asks Evie for advic…

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  • Francesca14601

    Looting like Me

    August 31, 2017 by Francesca14601

    First, blame Princess for making Looters to da Core stuck in my head.

    Second, blame Fran for choosing Konata as our bot in Discord.

    Third, just enjoy the result of what happens when I run out of ideas.

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  • PrincessBatman

    Looters to da core.

    August 30, 2017 by PrincessBatman

    It is amazing how loot rules over our DW. People are looting everywhere.

    Tried to make at least some compensation. Tried to create blog post instead of looting.

    Failed. Totally.

    But hey..our team need their own music theme, is not it right?..


    They say I'm trouble

    They say I'm bad

    They say I'm looter

    And that makes me glad


    A dirty looter

    Down to the bone

    Your worst nightmare

    Can't take me home


    So I've got some mischief

    With my loot

    Can you blame me?

    I never got no love


    They think I'm callous

    A low-life hood

    I feel so "Looter"

    And I will loot!

    [Mal and Evie:]

    Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Who'll be looted of them all?

    Welcome to my looted world, looted world


    I'm looter to the core, core

    Looter to the core

    I'm looter to the core, core

    Who could loo…

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    If Only My Own Version

    August 29, 2017 by COOLOMAR4U

    I tweaked the lyrics of "If Only" to create my own version of the song. Special thanks to Fran :p

    Lyrics :


    I never thought that my heart started beating only for you

    'Cause up 'til now I've only thought I consider you as my friend too

    I can't decide

    your love,or my life

    which one should I choose ?

    If only I knew what my life is gonna be

    Don't know what I'm expecting

    Is this just too real?

    Ah oh,yeah

    If only I Knew where my heart is leading me

    I could find the way to my own destiny.

    Ah oh, if only

    If only [2x]

    Every step, every word

    With every hour I am falling in

    To something new, something brave

    To someone I

    never thought would've been

    I can't decide

    your love,or my life

    Which one should I choose?

    If only I knew what my life is gonna be

    Don't know what I'm ex…

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  • SailorSedna052

    After D1 was releaced there was a music video on 'Rotten to the Core' with Evie as the singer, when it was over, she showed us hints of D: WW. Any thoughts on what they'll do to introduce season 3? My thoughts is either 'Poor Unfortanate Soul' or 'What's My Name' really since they used Evie already and she doesn't have her mirror anymore. Actually I HOPE we get a season 3 of Wicked World. Despite it being a short show like the Star Wars short shows, I love it to the point I want to buy the DVD collection. Any thoughts?

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  • Francesca14601

    Alrighty, this isn't a joke for the matter. I truly mean every single word of this blog. The following will be the reasons why Kiranemi should be admin.

    First of all, the poster of this campaign. Edited by our talented friend Kira.

    Yes, you've heard King Beast. Kira, an admin spot is waiting for ya.

    K, let's carry on with the true purpose of this blog, shall we?

    1. She is a nice person.
    2. She has purple hair.
    3. She has a Death Note. Don't you mess with her. She knows your name and your face.
    4. Her name is Kira.
    5. She knows stuff.
    6. She is good with tech.
    7. She is a nice p... Oh, wait. Already said that.
    8. She has a system.
    9. She likes to organize.
    10. She organizes.
    11. Have you seen her sandbox???
    12. She should be admin.

    All in all, Kira is the admin you guys are looking for.

    Note: Th…

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  • Francesca14601

    I know, I know. It took me ages to publish the new chapter. Why am I posting this here, in the Descendants Wiki? The full chapter isn't finished yet, but I'm gonna give you a little preview here.

    Enjoy! This is just half of the chapter, but something is better than nothing.

    The underground cave's entrance was just big enough to let one person slip through the crack and get inside. Harry got in first, then Mal. It was dark under there. The only light came from the crack that they just went through. Harry pulled out a branch with an oil-soaked cloth attached while Mal set it on fire with her lighter. The torch was bright enough to enlighten the whole chamber.

    "Which path?" Harry asked, pointing at the two different sides of the chamber.

    Mal clos…

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  • Mallover1

    I love decsendants and decsendants 2 I really wish I could be on decsendants 3 I love Eve,Jay, Carlos,Uma,Harry,Gil,Dizzy,and especially Mal she is my favorite out of all of them.

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  • SailorSedna052

    Thoughts for 3

    August 14, 2017 by SailorSedna052

    Any idea what the plot would be for D3? I heard from a youtube reviewer that it might be a Uma redemption movie. While I think that might work, I wonder who will be the next villian kid to show up. My thoughts are maybe a villian kid of one of the underdogs of Disney. Mostly cause they're close to forgotten by the newer generation compared to those born in the 90s yet watch the 30s and 40s cartoons. I think the next villain kis would be...either Shan Yu, Ratcliff, Mother Gothal (though I don't think so personally), Hades (though fanfics worked that to death), or maybe Hans. What do you guys think?

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  • Superbionic 2009

    The decendants kid's parent

    • Mal's dad is the Crow
    • Harry, CJ and Harreit's mom is Red Jessica
    • Evie's dad is snow white's dad
    • Freddie's mom is Dr. Faclier's friend on the other side
    • Carlos's dad is the skinner from 101 dalmations

    More will come

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  • Francesca14601

    This is a Descendants fan-fiction story that I will exclusively post it here, in the Descendants Wiki. It takes place 5 years after the events of Descendants 2, meaning that most of the characters are roughly about 21/22 years old.

    I haven't written anything, just the description of the story. If you like it, comment to let me know and I will publish the first chapter!


    It's been 5 years ever since new Villain Kids were allowed to go to Auradon and live a normal life. Yes, 5 years was indeed a long time, long enough to evacuate the vast majority of the Villains' off-springs. Vast majority... meaning that there are still a few living on the Isle of the Lost.

    However, these remaining Villain Kids weren't excluded or forgotten. They were simpl…

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  • Gummybeary34521

    In Descendants 1- I thought that Jay and Mal should have ended ulp together and Evie with Ben and Carlos with Jane because well Mal and Jay have a connection that Ben and her don't and that is how I hoped it would have gone and noit how it did go.

    But, in Descendants 2 I thought Jay and Mal would be together and They would go back to the isle togther and not stay in auradon. And I thought that is how it would go.

    Who is with me on this because Mal and Jay have something that Mal and Ben don't have and we all know it.

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  • Francesca14601

    Hey, guys! Welcome back again to one of my blogs.

    I am doing this thanks to a friend from Wattpad. Her account is KrysBabdon, click her name and it will take you to her profile on Wattpad.

    So yeah, she asked me to spread the word and I am gladly doing it. Thank you, Krys!

    First, you'd like to watch the music videos for What's My Name and It's Goin' Down again in order to spot these characters that I'll be talking about. Click on the link, go to the song's page and watch the videos.

    You've watched them? Good. Now let's begin.

    The following is a screenshot by KrysBabdon. Credits to her and Disney Channel.

    You guys see that little blonde girl standing on the right? There is a probability that this girl is CJ Hook herself! That girl and Harry Hook w…

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  • Francesca14601

    What's up, crew? It is Fran again and back with a review of Descendants 2! Are you ready?

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead! This is not a spoiler-free review. Please watch the movie before reading this review. Thank you!

    Note: I've previously posted a similar review on my Wattpad account. This is that same review but in other words.

    Well, I wouldn't say the movie was amazing or deserves an Oscar. It was definitely better than the first one and with a more complex plot. Overall, this movie is enjoyable. Don't get too personal on the details and just enjoy it as it is.

    I'm totally contradicting myself right now because I am slowly dying since Disney cut the Hil scene.

    For outstanding character, I would go for Evie. She has grown so much ever since the beg…

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  • Francesca14601

    I'm curious, and also to keep in track who is who...

    Please sign your name and your Wattpad account right below. Thank you!

    Okay, you might not have to sign your name because I will see it anyway. Just reply your Wattpad account.

    My account: YourNewCreepster.

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  • Francesca14601

    Descendants 2 is back and closer than ever!! Anna Cathcart, the young actress who portrays little Dizzy Tremaine is here to show every Descendants fan an exclusive look Behind-the-Scenes! Don't miss it!

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  • Robertoiglesias

    Blogs are pretty awesome and you want to comment on it, but you can't because there hasn't been a comment on a blog for 30 days, so there is "no need to comment." This wiki needs to let blogs be commented on no matter how long there was a comment on them! Who agrees?

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  • Robertoiglesias

    I think a comic book series about Descendants would be great! If there were comics, the series would become a great Disney franchise :D. What do you think

    robertoiglesias (talk) 19:15, July 4, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Francesca14601

    I'm bored... Just let me be. Also, you're free to comment!

    • Female.
    • Has been around this wiki for quite a time, actually. First edit was on September 1, 2016 and on the page CJ Hook.
    • Age: 15-20
    • Can be annoying sometimes...
    • 90% sarcasm
    • Has an obsession with Hil (Harry and Gil).
    • Will get depressed if you don't reply her messages.
    • Gets confused between dream and real life a lot.
    • Wants to be friendly with you.
    • Hates bad grammar. May not even read your messages if they are badly written.
    • Has a Wattpad account.
    • If you like rock music, feel free to talk with her.
    • Dinosaur.
    • Favorite color is rainbow.
    • Supports LGBT.
    • Darth Vader might be her father.
    • If she were in a Disney movie, she'd either be the comic relief or the villain (or both).
    • Has a weird obsession with the…

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  • CarVie16

    What's My Name

    June 18, 2017 by CarVie16

    What did you think about China Anne McClain's music video "What's My Name"?

    Me: I find it really catchy. China's voice is amazing. Thomas' part was probably my favorite part in the entire song. The dancing was crazy and awesome. Kudos to the backup dancers.

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