The Birthright Jewels are magical jewels that appear in the animated short series, Descendants: Wicked World. At a certain point, these jewels are bestowed upon the children of Disney Heroes and Villains at a ceremony known as the Jewel BiLee. The jewels belonging to the VKs were confiscated when the villains were relocated. All except Mal's, which was hidden and cursed by her mother who obviously wanted to use it as a last resort to turn Mal Evil again should she turn good, until it was found inside a necklace. The curse was later removed from the jewel when Mal used Jafar's Snake Staff and the combined power of the VK jewels that were placed on it at the time.

Each of the VK's jewels are known to possess unique and powerful magic, but if put together, will give one villain near-limitless power to conquer the land of Auradon. It is shown Freddie's gem can levitate objects, summon lighting, and conjure shards. Evie's can produce a concussive blast to knock her off. While Mal's jewel turns her evil, whoever holds it will have control over her. AKs receive their jewels once they show and pure their goodness, without the worry of their grades.