Belle's Harbor is a harbor past the royal marina. The harbor had all manner of boats; cabin cruisers, catamarans, fishing trawlers, a hydroplane, the royal yacht and a black speedboat dubbed Beast's Fury. Mal, Jay , Evie and Carlos break in to borrow a boat so that they can get near the isle of the doomed and get Triton's Trident before Uma. They however are caught by Fairy Godmother and facing expulsion and being deported to the Isle of the lost. Ben however was transported to Auradon Prep by Merlin (who Jane contacted) and thanks to his timely arrival (teleportation) Ben was able to cover for the VKs claiming that they were on an assignment at his request and were not stealing the speedboat. Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos return to Belle's Harbor (this time with Ben) and set out to find the Trident before Uma.

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