Bashful Sr. is one of the seven dwarfs and a ally to Snow White. He is a member of the Council of Sidekicks.

Before Auradon

He sings "Heigh Ho" with the other dwarves. He then sneaks with his brothers into their house. They run outside. Later that night, he finds out that the thing lying in their bed is a princess named Snow White. The next morning, he meets Snow White. When she cooks dinner, she asked him to let her see his hands. She sees that they are dirty so she has him and the other dwarves wash their hands. They then eat soup. The next day, he sings shyly for her and his brothers. He then fights with his brothers over a pillow when Doc lets Snow White sleep in the actual beds. When he goes off to work, an intelligent Sleepy was the only dwarf to figure out that Snow White was in danger so he and the other dwarves charge after the Evil Queen until a lightning bold strikes and kills her. He then cries with his brothers for Snow White's death until The Prince wakes her up with true love's first kiss. He along with his brothers smile about Snow White being alive. Snow White then marries The Prince and thanks him and the other dwarves goodbye.