Bargain Castle is the former residence of Maleficent and Mal. It is located in the middle of the town square of the Isle.

Bargain Castle was the most prominent building on the Isle of the Lost. This castle did fall into disrepair when Maleficent became a tiny lizard and Mal permanently located to Auradon. In Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel it mentioned that the castle get pillaged and pilfered when it became unoccupied. The only room that went untouched was Mal's because residents feared Mal after defeating her mother. Mad Maddy told Mal that most of the looting was done by goblins but she did see Ginny Gothel in one of Maleficent's old cloaks. The inhabitants believed Mal was still evil, thinking she was only pretending to be good.


It now serves as a shop that sells used enchanter robes and pointed hats. The top floor serves as home to Maleficent and Mal. Mal's room is gothic in shades of purple. Maleficent often yells at the crowds from the balcony whenever she gets up; her room has a strong lock as she needs her "evil sleep". Maleficent hasn't quite adapted to life on the island as she doesn't keep her home stocked with food, and thinks her refrigerator is a safe.