Auradon Prep is an institution that appears in the Television Movies Descendants and Descendants 2. It is where the descendants of Disney's most well-known Heroes and Villains attend.

Known Faculty

Fairy Godmother Headmistress
Fairy Godmother Remedial Goodness 101
Fairy Godmother Magical History
Mr. Deley Chemistry
Coach Jenkins Coach of the Auradon Tourney Team
Merryweather Life Skills Without Magic
Lil' Shang R.O.A.R. Assistant Coach
? History of Woodsmen and Pirates
? Safety Rules for the Internet
? Basic Chivalry
? Grammar
? Mathematics
? Art Class

Students Ab Dany Dv Dan Et J Jr A Mt R Shd Cper Tom Meca Io Hero Parents A M S Rapunzel Jafar Iago Thomas Danny Casper David Daniel Esther Maleficent Aurora


Welcome to Auradon Prep... "Where Legends are Made!"

- Ben in the Descendants (mobile game)

The castle was built over 300 years before the Isle of the Lost kids arrived at Auradon. It just so happened to be Beast's old castle which was repurposed into a school when he became king. Fairy Godmother was appointed headmistress, following the opening of the school.


Remedial Goodness 101 classroom

Locations (based on the game and film)

School Entrance

This is where the morphing statue of King Beast can be found, situated right before the school proper. It is meant to symbolize that "anything is possible".


This is located outside, where students can sit on tables and talk in between classes. In the game, it grants access to the Cafeteria, the Student Lounge, and the Auditorium.


The Hallway is where students will find their classes. The Chemistry Lab, Remedial Goodness classroom, and, in the game, the Library can all be found here.

Athletics Area

Also located outside, the Athletics Area is where students can do their athletic activities. Here, one can find the Tourney field, access to the Forest, and, in the game, the Fitness Center.

The Tourney Field is where Tourney games are held, and where Tourney jocks, cheerleaders, and band members train and practice.

Carnival Grounds

Exclusive to the game and the Wicked World web-series, here, one can find Mal's Do it Your Self-ie tent where she creates villainous portraits.


Seen in Descendants: Wicked World. This is the room where students eat luxury food as: fruit shaped like little animals, a chocolate fountain, cupcakes, and cranberry sauce.


  • Despite being a boarding school, many of the heroes' home castles are located near the school.
  • The building used was Hatley Park National Historic Site, in British Columbia.
  • There is a statue of King Beast, which responds to only Ben and shapeshifts between human and beast to represent "anything is possible".
  • The school has an acapella club.