Audrey castle

  • "Prince Benjamin, soon-to-be King!"
  • "The evil queen has no royal status here and neither do you."
  • "Princess Audrey, his girlfriend. Right, Bennyboo?"
  • "You're Maleficent's daughter, aren't you? Yeah, you know what, I totally do not blame for your mother trying to kill my parents and stuff. Oh! My Mom's Aurora, Sleeping..."
  • "Water under the bridge."
  • "That's true! Our royal blood goes back hundreds of years."
  • "Ask Doug."
  • "Oh. No offense, Bennybear, but you're just too trusting. Look, I know your mom fell in love with a big nasty beast who turned out to be a prince. But with my mom, the evil fairy was just the evil fairy. That girl's mother."
  • "Do you think they actually paid for those?"
  • "She did it to Jane's hair, too, and Fairy Godmother's not happy about it."
  • "It's gateway magic! Sure, it starts with the hair. Next thing you know It's the lips and the legs and the clothes and then everybody looks good and then... where will I be?"
  • "I will see you at the game after my dress-fitting for the coronation, okay?"
  • "Bye, Bennyboo."
  • "Chad's my boyfriend now! And I'm going to the coronation with him. So I don't need your pity date."
  • "Grammy".
  • "Sleeping Beauty's mother. Grammy, I don't think you want to be talking to this girl. Unless you feel like taking another hundred-year nap."
  • "Chad! Chad? Chad! Evie did something to Chad!"
  • "What happened?"
  • "How long does she think that's gonna last? Mal is just the bad girl infatuation."
  • "Excuse me, who do you think you are?"
  • "I told you so!"

Audrey's New Do? New Don't!

  • "No! Gross! No. That is so last year."
  • "Nice?! The saying isn't: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the nicest of them all?" Those VKs are getting too much attention for my taste. And I have very good taste!"
  • "Everyone is so in to their edgy VK style and dark color everything."
  • "Their hair, duhzies! When Mal changed your hair, you went from plain Jane to... kind of plain Jane. Magic me!"
  • "Your mom's a fairy godmother! She and Maleficent are like the most powerful people ever. If Mal has magic, you have it too."
  • "Do you remember the spell that Mal did?"
  • "I'll take both! I want something really out there. Go ahead."
  • "I really appreciate this. You're a true friend, Jane."
  • "Do I look different?"
  • "Is it edgy?"
  • "Yes! Post it!"

Careful What You Wish For

  • "This selfie is ruining my life!"
  • (Showing Mal her bad hairdo) "If by great, you mean awful, then yes it's great."
  • "Fantastic. Another comment."
  • "Yup."
  • "We've been over this."
  • "Really?"
  • "You have to fix my hair!"
  • "Cool it, Jordan. Mal will help you when she's done with me."
  • "Hello! My hair?"

Voodoo? You Do

  • "Ugh! What is this hideous place?"
  • "We're on the Isle of the Lost?! Eww! Ben, save me!"
  • "Does it say where we are?"
  • "So we can't find a way out of here? Can we even selfie?" (takes a picture) "Okay, this place needs so many filters."
  • "How are we supposed to get there? There's mud everywhere!"
  • "Figures! The only remotely interesting item here would be on the must-go rack. What's this?! It's beautiful."
  • "It was hanging with the dress. I would never steal."
  • "No, I can't. That's wrong."

Lamp Sweet Lamp

  • "Hey! You can't talk to us like that!"
  • "I'll... I'll... I'll...(Covers mouth)"
  • "When I throw a party, I... I won't invite you!"
  • "Your momma's so soft, she's like... a pillow!"
  • "Okay. We may not frown and wear black, but we are not lame."
  • "We can be rotten just like you, guys."
  • "Let me help! Anyone got glue?"
  • "Are we going to jail?"

Genie Chic

  • "No matter where we are. I look perfect. Peruse!"
  • "Another one?!"

Puffed Deliciousness

  • "Oh! That's Ruby. Rapunzel's daughter. Her hair leaves 10 minutes after she does. That girl has got to do something about those split ends! Ouch!"

Good Is the New Bad

  • "You look totescute."
  • "No, you look totes cute."
  • "Eww! Can you guys talk about this somewhere else. We're up first."
  • "Sorry! Let's go."
  • "Now, Lonnie!"

Spirit Day

  • "So you, guys, know the cheer?"
  • "Everyone knows the cheer. We do it every year. (Demonstrating the cheer) F-I-G-H-T What's that spell? Fight, fight, fight!"

Mash It Up

  • "Oooo, I'm so happy to be in these genie outfits again."
  • "Ooo, I know! Let's do a pretty, pretty princess theme."
  • "Let me guess, You want everyone to wear purple."
  • "You wanna throw a garden vegetable party?"
  • "You want a party that celebrates YOU?"

All Hail the New Q.N.L.B.

  • "Sure?"
  • "What does it matter? I wasn't even chosen as the Q.N.L.B."
  • "It's "Queen of the Neon Lights Ball". Duhzies! And I did not win!"
  • "No! It's the other girl with the hundred foot pony tail. I'm stress brushing. Stress brushing helps me deal with losing."
  • "The only makeover I'm interested in is the one where I'm made over from the one who lost the crown to the one who won."
  • "I know. Right? It's clearly more of an amethyst."
  • "Maybe you spelt it away?"

Mad for Tea

  • "Guys, guys! Emergency!"
  • "No."
  • "No!"
  • "How would that be an emergency?"
  • "Somebody stole my dress!"
  • "Hmm, do you have anything a little less... puncture-prone?"
  • "You know, for a VK look, it's actually pretty cute. I'm sold! Ta-da!"
  • "My mum was raised by fairies. Quick outfit change is a family skill. When I was a baby, I could change my own diaper in two seconds flat!"
  • "Thank you, Evie. You're a life-saver."
  • ""VKs gone viral"? Isn't it interesting that we both ended up with a little villain edge for a party look? Maybe a little too interesting."

Carpet Jacked

  • "How big is this carpet they're picking us up in? I don't do crowded."
  • "We're going to be riding in a stolen carpet?"
  • "What's the wind situation like on this carpet? Should I be worried about my hair?"
  • "I take back everything bad I ever said about you."
  • "Nothing!"
  • "She didn't pass her carpet driver's test."
  • "No presh, but if I don't get to the party soon, I am going to die."
  • "I can't be seen in that. Pumpkin clashes with my eyes."
  • "Wait, this veggie car is carb dried. I'm not going to get nasty grease seeds on my dress, am I?"
  • "If you, ladies, don't get in here, I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin."
  • "Your hair doesn't make sense!"

The Night is Young

  • "Don't you think it's kinda strange that right after the DJ cord was cut, she jumped in, all ready to sing?"
  • "I bet she cut the DJ cord."
  • "Hey! Whose side are you on anyway?"

Neon Lights Out

  • "What happened? You look rough. I mean, even more than you usually do."
  • "That is a tragedy."
  • "Uh, I was talking about the tux."
  • "I don't understand. How can he just disappear?"
  • "Did you do this?"
  • "Because you're VK."
  • "Great! Another VK."

Hooked On Ben

  • "Excuse me?!"
  • "I don't think I'll ever understand you, people."

Slumber Party

  • "Well, I could have done without the surprise CJ appearance, but -"
  • "Didn't you hear? It's this weekend!"
  • "The Jewelbilee!"

Odd Mal Out

  • "Yes, Ally. You imagine that all you like. The Jewelbilee is a dignified ceremony where each of us were given our birthright jewels."
  • "Well, we all got our jewels years ago. See?"
  • "Well, yes. When the villains were relocated, their jewels were collected."
  • "So they could be held safely. And now Auradon will bestow them upon you with a majestic Jewelbilee!"
  • "What?"
  • "Everyone looked, but it was never found."
  • "I know. It really puts a damper on the whole celebration."

Wild Rehearsal

  • "Okay! Okay! Everyone, listen up! I've worked really hard on the song and dance for the Jewelbilee. So I really need everybody to step up and give a 110%. Or else."
  • "I just want you to watch me and follow my lead."
  • "And 2, 3, 4."
  • "Stop it, leg!"
  • "No! I'm not doing this!"
  • "I'm out of control!"
  • "Somebody magicked me, Mal!"
  • "'Cause she's jealous that she doesn't get to be a part of all this!"
  • "Um-"
  • "Okay, I admit the song got off to a rocky start, but with my eternal vigilant slash amazing directing, I think it could look really-- (screams)"

Chemical Reaction

  • "I'll tell you who. The same person who spray-painted my room!"
  • "And who do we know has a history of defacing property with spray-paint? A history of breaking the rules? A history of evil?"
  • "What the bibbity?!"
  • "Do not move!"
  • "Oh, no! Look what you did! Our clothes are ruined!"
  • "Actually, yeah. I have heard that."

Talking Heads

  • "Well, hello!"
  • "Save your sarcasm, Mal. And save the whole 'I choose good" act. Because we know you've been faking it. You've been evil all along!"
  • "Just admit it. You're furious about not getting a jewel and you're gone a 100% evil!"
  • "In trouble big you are! Huh?"
  • "What the heck!"
  • "That's it! As chairman of every committee I hereby banish you from Jewelbilee! And if I had the power, I'd banish you from Auradon."

Evil Among Us

  • "Thanks. And you look so totes fab, Jor!"
  • "Where is everyone? We need to start!"
  • "Forget the Jewelbilee. I'm talking about my musical number! Oh, where are they?!"
  • "Why aren't they here?!"
  • "I know that. But what about Evie, Freddie and Jane?"
  • "Well, they won't be when I get through with them!"

Party Crasher

  • "Ugh! I can't believe they're still not here!"
  • "Why in the world would Jane be sending you a super tiny text?"
  • "Okay. I refuse to wait any longer. The Jewelbilee must begin. And, more importantly, my big number must go on!"
  • "♪The road could be hard

And the night could be dark Like a jewel shine brightly Wherever we are If we stick to the dream We'll never fall apart♪"

  • "♪Because we're better together

Stronger side by side This is our moment It's our time So we're different whatever and everyone can shine Oh, this is the moment of our-♪"

  • "What is the meaning of this? Do you know how long I worked on this number?"
  • "Aw, thanks!"
  • "No! Not the jewels!"
  • "(gasps)"


  • "My dance number is ruined!"
  • "You want us to follow you? After what you did?"
  • "Apology not accepted. Apology rejected. Like an ugly stepsister the size 12 feet."
  • "You ruined everything and put us all in danger."


  • "(crying) This musical number meant so much to me!"
  • "It wasn't just so I could share my many talents, I mean, a little bit. Yes, of course, I mean. Please, but more than that, it was supposed to be my gift to the VKs, to show how we are all sisters. But now it's all ruined. I wanted to bring everyone together, but the VKs still can't be trusted."
  • "What?"
  • "I feel awful. I banned her from the Jewelbilee, Ally!"

United We Stand

  • "Attack! AKs to the rescue!"
  • "Five, six, seven, eight! Take that!"
  • "You ruined everything! And you're not even enrolled here!"
  • "We will never speak of this again."


  • "And I am so sorry for not believing in you."