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Mal's Digi-Image Problem Careful What You Wish For
In Audrey's dorm
Audrey (Looking trough her closet) No! Gross! No. That is so last year.
Jane That one looks nice.
Audrey Nice?! The saying isn't: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the nicest of them all?" Those VKs are getting too much attention for my taste. And I have very good taste!
Jane I don't know, Audrey. I kinda had learned it the hard way that it's not all about what you look like.
Audrey Everybody is so into their edgy VK style and dark colored everything!
Jane I don't think they're so into their dark colored everything. They're so into their...
Audrey Their hair, duhzies! When Mal changed your hair, you went from plain Jane to... kind of plain Jane. Magic me!
Jane I don't have magic.
Audrey Your mom's a fairy godmother! She and Maleficent are like the most powerful people ever. If Mal has magic, you have it too.
Jane I never really thought about it that way.
Audrey Do you remember the spell that Mal did?
Jane For me she said: "new hair," but for Lonnie she said: "cool hair."
Audrey (Took a chair and sit on it) I'll take both! I want something really out there. Go ahead.
Jane I don't know...
Audrey I really appreciate this. You're a true friend, Jane.
Jane Beware for swear. Replace the old with... something really out there? Wow. Wow!
Audrey Do I look different?
Jane Definitely.
Audrey Is it edgy?
Jane It has edges.
Audrey Yes! Post it! (Jane takes a picture of Audrey)
Digi-image New "do?" More like new don't!



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