The Anti-Heroes Club is a secret organization founded by the wizard Yen Sid after the defeat of Maleficent in Descendants, consisting of children of villains who were drawn to good more than evil. It is introduced in the novel Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.


After Mal defeated her mother Maleficent during the Auradon coronation, the Isle of the Lost was left leaderless. Many children on the Isle found themselves acting kindly to others, and after seeing the events of the coronation, decided that evil wasn't the right path for them. Yen Sid founded the Anti-Heroes Club for these like-minded individuals to meet and learn goodness. The members of the group look up to Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos as they were the first to break away from evil and choose to be good.

The club name is a cover for tricking villains, although the name carries a double meaning. As Yen Sid explains, an anti-hero works for good, but uses methods employed by villains to help save the day, mirroring the club's motivations towards the path of good despite their heritage.


  • Mad Maddy was part of the club, but wasn't actually considering becoming good as she was just as wicked as her grandmother Madam Mim; she only joined so she could get back at Mal, and was actually a spy for the villains.
  • Yen Sid has been teaching the members proper manners, noting that the slovenliness taught on the island is a hard habit to break.
  • Their meetings are in The Evil Queen's basement.