Anastasia Tremaine is one of the sidekicks imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost. She is now the aunt of numerous stepgranddaughters and mother of Anthony Tremaine.

Before The Isle of the Lost

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  • Her crimes are abusing Cinderella as a maid
  • In the second and third Cinderella movies, she turns good and lives happily ever after, but in The Isle of the Lost she is still a villain. The same fact is about Iago. This might mean that the sequels/spinoff of movies not exist in the Descendants Universe.
  • She, her sister and mother are one of the few villains on the Isle who weren't brought back from the dead along with Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil, Governor Ratcliffe, Yzma, Shere Khan, Jafar, and Madam Mim
    • Captain Hook, however, is an unknown case because his last shot is him running from the crocodile, but it's never implied he is actually eaten.