Ally and Audrey is the friendly pairing between Ally. the daughter of Alice and Audrey, the daughter of Aurora.


Descendants: Wicked World

Season 1

They can be seen hanging out at the Mad for Tea Cafe and Jordan's Magical Lamp together.

Season 2

In "Trapped", when Mal was acting evil under the influence of her jewel, Ally was the one who helped Audrey realize that it wasn't Mal's fault and convinced her to go help battle Zevon.


Audrey: This musical number meant so much to me!
Ally: I know, it was your moment to shine, like the jewels. Which are gone. I'll stop talking now.
Audrey: It wasn't just so I could share my many talents, I mean, a little bit. Yes, of course, I mean. Please, but more than that, it was supposed to be my gift to the VKs, to show how we are all sisters. But now it's all ruined. I wanted to bring everyone together, but the VKs still can't be trusted.
Ally: Well, that's actually kind of the un-truth.
Audrey: What?
Ally: Because Mal wasn't her self. Jane said that Mal was under a spell from the cursed jewel inside a totem from the island thingy. So, not her fault.
Audrey: I feel awful. I banned her from the Jewelbilee, Ally!
Ally: I know, and I understand. But it is not too late to make things right. It ain't over until the caterpillar sings.


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